Our Values

We value being able to be contributing members of our local community.

Now that we are in a position to give back to the community, we wanted to sponsor a charity that made a difference.
Being from a single-parent family (mother), living in housing commission, I understand the struggles to make ends meet and get a roof over your head. There is a shortage of housing and there are a lot of single mothers with nowhere to go, Lady Musgrave Trust provides a place for these women and their children to get their lives back on track.

I hope that you can join us in supporting this worthwhile cause.

– Sam

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Latest News

We were proud to be sponsors of the Lady Musgrave Trust’s 2022 Cocktail Night fundraiser. Sam and Juan also attended the event and met lots of lovely, passional people.

We are pleased to share that the event raised the Lady Musgrave Trust just under $90,000, which will go towards providing an additional 4,500 nights of safety per year for young women who have nowhere else to go.

It was a pleasure to support such a worthwhile cause.

For more photos from the event, head to The Lady Musgrave Trust’s Facebook page.